Cedar Post (August 2014)

Post Office Box 535
Wimberley, Texas 78676

Volume 14, Number 08                                                                 August 15, 2014

2014 – 2015 Elected and Appointed Officers

  1. Commander - Don Wheeler , dcwheeler37@gmail.com, 512 216-4715
  2. Senior Vice Commander – James Clements, Jclements123463@yahoo.com ,512 574-6744
  3. Junior Vice Commander - Joey Palumbo, Joeyp7990@gmail.com, 512 557-9255
  4. Quartermaster - Michael Harthcock, michaelharthcock@hotmail.com, 512 847-3999
  5. Chaplain - Rodger Parker, rodgert@aol.com, 512 847-7215
  6. Judge Advocate - Larry Merkin, larry.merkin@outlook.com, 512 847-2174
  7. Surgeon - Denise Ackerman, dackermann64@gmail.com, 512 667-8753
  8. 1 Year Trustee - Jack Tatum, jtatum@austin.rr.com, 512 558-1156
  9. 2 Year Trustee - Kelly Bateman, texask-9@swbell.net, 512 847-9805
  10. 3 Year Trustee - Chuck Cogswell, chcog@aol.com, 512 847-2139
  11. Adjutant - (vacant)
  12. Service Officer - Charlie Johnson, creandcharlie@hotmail.com, 512-757-3543

Summary of August 7th, Regular Meeting of the Post:

After a tasty Mexican food dinner, the Ladies Auxiliary recognized four winners of the patriotic art contest with certificates and checks. The Fancy Feathers 4-H Club presented the Post and Ladies Auxiliary with certificates thanking us for supporting them.

The membership voted to accept two new members:
*  Alan Koenig
*  David Hale

Alan is a transfer from Canyon Lake, and David Hale was initiated at this meeting. A more complete introduction to David Hale is provided on page five. Please make both of these new members feel welcome.

Meeting Highlights:

  • Charlie Johnson, our Service officer, reminded the membership of the need to get a new VA ID Card.
  • Upon the recommendation of the Golf Committee, the membership voted to cancel the 2014 golf tournament.
  • Since our last Post meeting, new fire extinguishers have been purchased and installed in all of our buildings.
  • Annual budget reconciliation of budget shows us under expended.
  • Jack Tatum had to resign from his position as Trustee due to the fact he handles Bingo money. Mike Wilmore was nominated and elected to serve the remainder of Jack’s term.
  •  A proposed amendment to the by-laws was discussed as well as the possibility of rescinding the bylaws altogether. National Bylaws require that members be provided 20 days to consider such matters before voting, so no vote was taken. The Commander will email a copy of the proposed amendment to each member and a vote to rescind or amend the bylaws may be held at the September meeting.


The Post needs volunteers for two positions: Post Adjutant, Assistant Quartermaster. Please let the Commander know your willingness to serve.

The next post work day will be Saturday, August 16th. The plan is to trim trees, weather permitting.

Eagle Outfitters of San Antonio has rented the hall to hold a Gun Show on 16-17 August.

To eliminate any confusion – this is not a VFW or Post 6441 sponsored event. A private, commercial enterprise has rented the hall; the show is open to the public for an admission fee.

From the Commander:

For those members who were not at the August meeting – you missed some great patriotic art done by our Wimberley students. There are some very talented students in this area.
We voted in two new members – Donald Anderson. USA, Germany and David Hale, USAF, current conflict.

There is a proposed amendment to our By-Laws on the table to be voted on at the September meeting. Each member has been sent a copy of the by-laws and those areas that to be changed are indicated by a red line. It requires a 2/3 vote of the members present to pass any motion involving by-laws. Read them and the rest of the e-mail and be prepared to cast an informed vote.

The curbs beside the Post are being painted Red and will be stenciled “NO PARKING – FIRE LANE”. Please observe this as we are trying to make the Post environment safer and limit our exposure to litigation. If you see any safety issues, please notify Matt Gunn. He is now the Post Safety Officer / Fire Marshall.

The Post will observe Patriots Day at the Veterans Memorial Plaza on 11 September. All color guard members are requested to be available on the date and all members are invited to attend.

Donald C Wheeler, Jr.


We have four bingo teams, one each for the first, second, third and fourth Friday of the month. The team for the third Friday of the month is currently full. However, we need more members to serve on the teams for the first, second, and fourth Friday of each month. We need members to walk among the tables and sell bingo cards. We also need a Bingo caller for the second Friday team.

Our weekly Bingo games are a major fundraising activity of the Post. And working with the Bingo team is fun! Please volunteer to help by contacting Larry Merkin at larry.merkin@outlook.com or call 512-847-2949. We need you.


Last week, Congress passed H.R. 3230, The Veterans Access, Choice and Accountability Act of 2014, providing $17 Billion in emergency funding for the VA. On August 8th, the President signed this critical legislation into Law. The money from this bill will be used to:

  • Expand veteran’s access to health care, ensuring all to receive care
  • Allow VA to hire more doctors, nurses and techs
  • Fund the expansion or creation of 27 VA outpatient clinics
  • Enhance care for victims of Military Sexual Trauma
  • Provide in-state tuition rates for all Post-9/11 GI’s
Charlie Johnson
Service Officer


Welcome New Members Susan Petros, Linda Wilkinson and Lisa Massey. We are so glad you have joined the Ladies Auxiliary!!! At the August meeting certificates and monetary awards were given for Patriotic Art: 1st – Irene Gomez $200, 2nd – Hannah Raska $100, 3rd – Kelley Watson $50 and 4th Lisa Massey $50.
We have a very talented group of young people in our community. (Left to right, Irene Gomez, Hannah Raska, Lisa Massey) Neuroendocrine Cancer (NET) is identified by a Zebra Stripe ribbon. If you have been by the Post, you might have noticed the Zebra Toilet next to the front door.
We are “FLUSHING OUT CANCER.” To have our cancer fundraiser delivered to a neighbor or friend please call 512-810-2560. Plumbing Policy is as follows: $10 to take it away, $20 take it away and send it to a friend or neighbor, and $30 for Toilet Insurance (both of the above & it never comes back to you). “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” Winston Churchill

2014-2015 Auxiliary Officers:

  1. Neta Odell-Ross, President, 512-810-2560, neta_vfw_aux@yahoo.com
  2. Judy Gulick-Harthcock, Treasurer
  3. Jacki Kroupa, Guard
  4. Pat Watson, Sr. Vice President
  5. Bailey Anderlitch, Conductress
  6. Adrienne Marks, Jr. Vice President
  7. Paula Anderlitch, Patriotic Instructor
  8. Lanaie Loveless-Woods, Chaplain

Neta Odell-Ross, Ladies Auxiliary President


Our Post is in need of a Post Adjutant for the remainder of the 2014 – 2015 term. This is an appointed position reporting directly to the Post Commander. And, it is an important position – we need someone willing to step forward. You do not have to know anything about being an Adjutant in order to volunteer, we’ll “learn you.” It’s certainly not rocket science, but you have to be literate.
The major duties of the Post Adjutant include:
  • Accepting and processing membership applications
  • Signing documents to verify that they are official
  • Maintaining a file of original membership applications
  • Recording the minutes of Post meetings for approval, and maintaining a file of approved meeting minutes
  • Maintaining various Post files and records
  • Serving as a communications link between the Post Commander and the membership
This is a great opportunity to learn more about our Post and the larger VFW. It’s also a good way to “pay it forward.” We would not have the Post that we now enjoy if others that came before us had not volunteered their time, talents, and energy. So, please ask yourself what you are contributing to the Post and consider serving as Adjutant It would be great if one of our younger and newer members made this commitment.


David Hale, who joined the post in August 2014, was born in Red River County, Texas. He and his wife Rebecca moved to Wimberley in August 2013, coinciding almost to the day with the birth of their first child, a daughter, Lucille. David is a 5th generation Texan and veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom, and Operation New Dawn.

David joined ROTC at the University of North Texas after the attacks on 9-11-01, receiving his commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in 2004. David flew as a navigator on the C-130 Hercules for nine years, flying for the 36th and 39th Tactical Airlift Squadrons. He deployed three times to Iraq and the Middle East on a flight crew and once to Afghanistan as an Joint Tactical Air Controller and Electronic Warfare Officer attached to the U.S. Army. David’s primary duty stations were Yokota Air Base, Japan and Dyess Air Force Base, Texas. He separated from the Air Force in March of 2013.

While in the service David flew 112 combat missions with just over 700 combat hours, and 1700 total hours. His wartime decorations include five Air Medals, the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, and the Joint Achievement Medal.
After arriving in Wimberley, David and his wife bought a ranch and operate a vacation rental on the property. David currently works for Siemens Industry in San Antonio, while his wife works as an independent interior designer.

Calendar of Upcoming Events (60 days)

  • August 28th – Post Planning Meeting
  • August 31st – Anniversary of the End of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2010
  • September 1st – Labor Day Holiday
  • September 2nd – VJ Day, anniversary of Japanese surrender in 1945
  • September 4th – Dinner and Regular Post and Auxiliary Meetings / District Inspection
  • September 11th – Patriot’s Day
  • September 19th – POW/MIA Day
  • October 9th – Operation Enduring Freedom, Afghanistan
  • October 18th – Recognition of Women in Military Service

Cedar Post (July 2014)

Cedar Post




Post Office Box 535

Wimberley, Texas 78676

 Volume 14,          Number 07                   July 17, 2014


2014 – 2015 Elected and Appointed Officers

Commander – Don Wheeler;  dcwheeler37@gmail.com;  512 216-4715

Senior Vice Commander – James Clements;  jclements123463@yahoo.com;  512 574-6744

Junior Vice Commander – Joey Palumbo;  Joeyp7990@gmail.com;  512 557-9255

Quartermaster – James Michael Harthcock;  michaelharthcock@hotmail.com;  512 847-3999

Chaplain – Rodger Parker;  rodgert@aol.com;  512 847-7215

Judge Advocate – Larry Merkin;  larry.merkin@outlook.com;  512 847-2174

Surgeon – Denise Ackerman;  dackermann64@gmail.com;  512 667-8753

1 Year Trustee – Jack Tatum;  jtatum@austin.rr.com;  512 558-1156

2 Year Trustee – Kelly Bateman;  texask-9@swbell.net;  512 847-9805

3 Year Trustee – Chuck Cogswell;  chcog@aol.com;  512 847-2139

Adjutant – (vacant)

Service Officer – Charles “Charlie” Johnson;  creandcharlie@hotmail.com;  512-757-3543


Summary of July 10th Regular Meeting of the Post:

  1. The Ladies Auxiliary provided a tasty dinner featuring cold cut sandwiches.
  2. On behalf of the Post, the Commander presented a framed 69th Annual VFW Rodeo Poster to Mrs. Bernice Brown.
  3. A preliminary after action report of the 69th Annual Rodeo – overall the Rodeo was a success, ticket sales were down somewhat, but sponsorship’s were up.

The membership voted to:

  • Pay an unpaid invoice from last year’s rodeo in the amount of $1,652 to Mike Rybarski for construction of a practice arena.
  • Require one signature (the QM) instead of two on checks less than $5K; checks $5K or larger will require the additional signature of the Post Commander.
  • Revise the prize amounts for Voice of Democracy winners to $2K for first place, $1.5K for second place, and $1K for third place.
  • Award Bo Davis a new contract to produce the next five annual rodeos (2015 -2019 inclusive)
  • Determine fire extinguisher requirements for the Post and purchase new fire extinguishers at a cost not to exceed $1,500.

From the Commander:


Through the efforts of a lot of hard working Post and Auxiliary members, we had a very successful rodeo. I thank each and every one of you for your support.  Senator Cornyn served as our Grand Marshal to kick off the July 4th Wimberley Rodeo.

Bo Davis and his crew did a fantastic job of producing the rodeo. The rodeo committee evaluated his performance and decided his interest was the same as ours. The committee voted to grant him a five year contract, and Post members concurred with this decision. He will be producing our rodeo from 2015 though 2019. The rodeo committee, chaired by Jim Clements will begin working on the 2015 rodeo soon.

Again, thanks to all of you who have worked hard for the Post.

Donald C. Wheeler, Jr.


Quartermaster Report:

The efforts of our 69th VFW Rodeo Committee produced a record sponsor commitment. The work of rodeo committee, led by Jim Clements, produced $18,000 in donations from 25 different organizations. I believe this is the first time the VFW annual rodeo has sold all sponsorship packages, including security packages and banners before July 1st. Thank you to all the rodeo committee members for a job well done.

The VFW Hall has one rental for the month. The VFW arena had one roping competition held by Chad Springs. Upcoming rentals include three gun shows on August 16-17; September 20-21; and November 29-30.

The VFW Trustees conducted their quarterly audit of the QM books on Tuesday, July 15th. Books were found to be in order and the required report was signed.

Until next month,

Michael Harthcock
VFW Quartermaster


Service Officer Report:

Watch for your new VA ID card to be mailed by September. If you do not receive it, go to the VA clinic Austin and apply for one.

Charlie Johnson
Service Officer


Ladies Auxiliary Report:

Thank you, to all who made the July Rodeo and Dance a resounding success. Special Thanks to Jim Clements for handling the sponsorships as many of us were tied up with another project.

The end of June we were contacted by Military Peer Network asking for assistance for a Veteran. Sisters we were able to save this young man’s military clearance, with our donation of $300. Thank you all for your hard work in helping our veterans, you rock!

The Blanket Brigade will be meeting the 3rd Saturday of each month from 9AM till ??? Bring your portable machine and let’s make a Veterans Day Brighter.

Deer Creek Birthday Party will be August 14th at 2:45PM at Deer Creek Nursing and Rehabilitation in Wimberley. Entertainment will be provided by Tori Robinson. Cake, Cookies and punch will be served. Hope to see you there!

2014-2015 Auxiliary Officers

President - Neta Odell-Ross;  512-810-2560;  neta_vfw_aux@yahoo.com
Treasurer - Judy Gulick-Harthcock; 512-847-7100;

Guard – Jacki Kroupa,

Sr. Vice President - Pat Watson,

Conductress - Bailey Anderlitch,

Jr. Vice President - Adrienne Marks,

Patriotic Instructor - Paula Anderlitch,

Chaplain - Lanaie Loveless-Woods,


Neta Odell-Ross,

Ladies Auxiliary President


Calendar of Upcoming Events (60 days)

  • July 19th – National VFW Conference in St Louis, MO
  • July 27th – Anniversary of Signing of Korean Armistice in 1953
  • July 31st – Post Planning Meeting
  • August 7th – Dinner and Regular Post and Auxiliary Meetings
  • August 17th – District Meeting in New Braunfels, 1000
  • August 28th – Post Plannning Meeting
  • August 31st – Anniversary of the End of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2010
  • September 1st – Labor Day Holiday
  • September 2nd – VJ Day, anniversary of Japanese surrender in 1945
  • September 4th – Dinner and Regular Post and Auxiliary Meetings / District Inspection
  • September 11th – Patriot’s Day
  • September 12th – Cowboy Veterans Golf Tournament in Blanco, TX.
  • September 19th – POW/MIA Day

69th Annual VFW Oldham-Cummings CPRA Rodeo & Fireworks Show


Thursday July 3rd, Friday July 4th, & Saturday July 5th, 2014

Cowboys Professional Rodeo Assn. (CPRA) sanctioned pro/open event (Ranked “Best CPRA Rodeo of the Year” in 2006 CPRA Hall of Fame)

  • Gates open at 5:30. 1st Mutton Bustin’ at 7:00; Rodeo begins at 8 p.m.
  • Events include:  bull riding, tie down calf roping, bareback bronc riding,  steer wrestling, team roping, women’s breakaway roping, and women’s barrel racing.
  • 2nd Mutton Bustin’  midway in  Rodeo
  • Tickets: Adults – $15, Children $10 ($12/$7 if purchased in advance see below)

Common to each night of Rodeo

  • Sponsored by Veterans of Foreign Wars Oldham-Cummings Post 6441, Wimberley, Texas as a not-for-profit event benefiting the community, veterans and active duty servicemen and women
  • Producer/stock provider: Bo Davis of Gonzales, Texas
  • 2 calf scrambles nightly: one for ages 5-8 and another for ages 9-12
  • Mutton Bustin’ registration inside the VFW at 6:00 p.m The cost is $20 per ride; 60lb. max rider weight.
  • Advance tickets on sale at VFW Post June 29, 30, July 1 (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday) from noon to 6 p.m.  Cash, check, major credit cards accepted.  On those days call 847-6441.Limited box seat tickets $25 on sale at advance ticket purchase days listed above.  Advanced General admission prices listed on dates above. General admission Parking $5 per vehicle at gate.
  • Food and vendors on the grounds.

 Dance Saturday Night

  • In Post hall from 10 p.m. until 2 a.m.
  • $10 admission

Special Fireworks Sunday Night, July 6th

  • Free fireworks and parking in general admission area, Sunday, July 7th
  • Gates open at 6 p.m.; Fireworks begin at 9:15
  • Food and refreshments available


VeteransPark is on Jacobs Well Rd. (CR 182).  Follow the large “Rodeo/Veterans Park” sign at Jacobs Well Rd. intersection at Ranch Road 12 – about 3 mi. north of Wimberley and 11 mi. south of Dripping Springs